Sandplay for Individuals

Why would you need it?

These sessions will be for you if you are feeling stuck and unable to move forward, anxious about life and having trouble with what life throws at you. You may well be having trouble in your relationships as well, it’s often the first sign that we have lost connection to ourself.

What will it do for you?

You will find relief from your problems and regain a sense of control so that you can start your day with increased self-confidence

You will release painful memories and feelings while enhancing self-esteem and problem-solving abilities and feel able to start moving forward in life

You will reconnect with friends, loved ones and most importantly, yourself and begin to experience life with a greater sense of happiness and peace

You will have a renewed sense of yourself and find the inspiration to shine again.

What will happen?

We will spend one hour in each session, working side by side in a caring environment. We  will select miniature figurines and place them in a tray of sand to create a three-dimensional view of your inner world. I will be able to guide you so it will be easy, even if you can’t choose pieces easily. As we explore the meaning of the symbols placed in the sand tray you will gain a deeper understanding of your issues and the solutions that are right for you will emerge. 

Your increased self-awareness and insight will stimulate your growth and healing. This is what brings about changes to the patterns often begun in childhood which no longer serve you as an adult. 

Sandplay is a great modality which gets to the heart of the issue quickly. Every session provides the opportunity for positive changes to your  perspective, self-esteem and emotional resilience, and feel successful as you go through life.

As a qualified Counsellor and a Master Practitioner in Sandplay Therapy I can help you make a plan that will be most effective to deal with the issues causing your unhappiness.

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