Sandplay FAQs

What is Sandplay? How does Sandplay work?

Sandplay is a really effective non-verbal therapy, where a scene is made of miniature objects in a tray of sand. The figures you choose represent all aspects of your inner and outer worlds. You are then able to identify unspoken issues and find solutions. It can sometimes reveal something so buried that you may have forgotten the original event. The basis of Sandplay is that the psyche has a natural ability to heal itself, given the opportunity. This rapid method bypasses the mind and gets to the heart of the issues quickly and easily.

How long has Sandplay been around?

It’s been around for decades. It was originally created in the 1920’s, in the UK by Dr Margaret Lowenfeld as she worked with traumatised kids after the first world war. She called it “The World Technique” as the children described the sand trays as worlds. 

Dora Kalff then studied this technique with Margaret Lowenfeld in 1956 and introduced it to the U.S. and Europe as Sandplay.

What can Sandplay help with?

  • Nightmares 

  • Burnout 

  • Behaviour management

  • Bullying 

  • Behavioural issues such Anger

  • Decision making

Some of the issues Sandplay is used for include;

  • Anxiety & depression 

  • Panic Attacks  

  • Grief and Loss 

  • Health Issues 

  • Relationships & family issues 

How do you know my child isn’t “just playing” in the sand tray?

Even if your child appears to be “just playing” with the sand and the figures, there is some profound work happening at the same time, as the psyche chooses and arranges images needed to bring forth healing.

For children, Sandplay provides the tools of their natural inner language. They “play” it out, but what they are doing is very significant.

Is it just for children?

No. Even though Sandplay was originally created for working with children, it has evolved over time and proven to be just as effective with adults. A very important thing to know is that for an adult, the Sandplay goes directly to the core of the primary issues and works through them far faster than could be done by a more rational, conscious approach.

How long does it take?

Each session goes for 1 hour. I can’ t predict how many sessions will be required, without a client history, but experience informs me that children usually need at least 6 sessions to complete their process.

How can it help me?

This is a deep and effective form of therapy that can provide you with emotional release and realisation. Significant change is often experienced in each tray. It will allow you access and awareness to your feelings and possibilities that were maybe not accessible through other forms of therapy.The sand is a free, non-threatening and non-judgmental space allowing you the opportunity to venture where you hadn’t dared before.

Lily Havakis Peaceful Hearts

My name is Lily Havakis and I’m a qualified Sandplay Therapist.

If the thought of “talking things through” doesn’t appeal to you or you haven’t achieved the results you desire through other therapies, then this is for you.

I’m available from Monday to Thursday 9.00am - 6.00pm.

Please call me on 0412 599 470 or Click here for more info on how to book in for a session.