Case Studies

Ruby (4yrs)

A 4 year old girl who kept losing her temper, Ruby wasn’t enjoying Kinder and was really unhappy. After 4 Sandplay sessions we completed the process and she was bubbly, joining in and enjoying activities at Kinder and she was happy and co-operating at home again. Her parents received a lot of comments from family, friends and the Kinder teacher regarding the change in Ruby’s temperament and disposition. (Ruby now let’s her Mum know when she “needs to go and see Lily again”.

Previous to Ruby's Sandplay experience... she struggled to get her ideas across, got frustrated easily and played independently more often than not.

“After a few short sessions.... Ruby’s kinder teachers, family and friends noticed a difference in her behaviour. She was problem solving quicker, helpful and included others, her response to learning came more easily too. She still remembers and asks when she can go to Lily's to play with the sand again.”  (Abby, Ruby’s Mum)

Yas (16yrs)

A 16 year old girl, Yas was making some very dangerous decisions and was testing her boundaries. We worked together through sessions where she discovered and understood where her need for risk-taking and rebellion was stemming from. After 6 sessions, her relationships with her sister, parents and fellow students improved greatly and her perspective of various situations matured and changed.

“I went to Lily after an incident which made me feel the need to seek help and make a change in myself. Lil made me feel comfortable; she enabled me to become a person I am proud of. Our sessions were full of tears and discoveries. I came face to face with the things that affected me that I wasn’t aware of, and through all that my concerns and issues were explained.

I left Lily’s sessions with more than myself sorted. The people around me saw a difference in me and as a result they were happier too. I know she will always be there for me. Her work with me is a constant in my life and the biggest reason for me making changes in myself. I am a better, stronger person thanks to Lily. Thank you Lil, words can’t express how thankful I am for your help” (Yas)

Joy* (60yrs)

A women in her 60’s who, as a survivor of abuse, had many negative beliefs and road blocks preventing her from living her life happily and confidently. Together we’ve been uncovering some vital decision-making that served her well as a child, but has hindered her happiness as an adult. She has made incredible progress and is moving forward in her life now. *Name changed.