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Hi, I’m Lily Havakis.

How did I go from being a Bookkeeper to a Counsellor?

After running my own Bookkeeping business for many years, I really felt compelled to give back to the world on a much deeper level.

I chose to pursue a diploma in Counselling because working with children was a lifelong dream of mine and I saw Counselling as a perfect way to learn how to support parents and their children through the tough times that life can throw us. I’ve raised three kids of my own and I know what a rollercoaster parenting can be. What a ride!

I returned to study part-time while still running my business and the household. It was really quite challenging at times but I really loved what I was learning about myself, my kids as well as the skills to help others. Wearing a cap and gown and receiving my diploma in front of my children and husband was one of the proudest moments in my life.

What about Sandplay Therapy - how did that enter the mix?

Whilst searching for ways that I could effectively offer the support families needed and strengthen my counselling ‘toolkit’, I discovered Sandplay Therapy. I’m so incredibly grateful for the amazing and deep experience of studying with Marg at Sandplay Australia.

Through my own personal experience of it while studying, I discovered that Sandplay wasn’t only for children, but was incredibly beneficial for all ages. It just blew my mind! Learning about my own role in my life, my decisions and their flow-on effect changed the way I saw myself and others around me.

What about Reiki? How did that become such a beloved part of what I do?

During my Sandplay studies, I started to become more curious about energy as it was so clearly present and I became quite drawn to the principals of Reiki

The idea that as a Reiki student I could tap into an unlimited supply of “life force energy” and improve someones health and enhance their quality of life made me incredibly excited. 

I find Reiki a truly beautiful experience, both as receiver and giver. A wonderful movement of energy leaving feelings of peace and well-being. 

I am really passionate about and committed to showing both children and adults alike that they are not broken or alone and there is a way forward to happiness and wellbeing.

I live and work with integrity and honesty and I have a great respect for people who take the steps to a happier self. I know that it can be a daunting journey at times and I treat my clients with kindness, so they feel safe and valued in my space as they learn to shine. Helping people to reconnect with their innate human loving self is one of my biggest joys.

“Everyone has the right and the ability to find the thing that makes their heart sing and I am honoured to share their journey.”

Outside of my work, I continue to learn 2 things that just make my heart sing.

I find French a beautiful and expressive language. It’s such a step out of my comfort zone putting it into practice when I travel overseas, but I’m always rewarded with lovely exchanges with the beautiful French people I meet.

I’m also learning how to play the ukulele! I can’t help but smile every single time I pick it up. Music moves me…….

My favourite place to be and where I feel most at peace and energised all at once, is by the sea. Winter or Summer, I just love being on the beach and breathing in the beautiful fresh air and watching the water. And I love that I can create that peacefulness and energy within myself and my clients through the beautiful work I share.