Sandplay Therapy & Reiki with Lily Havakis 

I work with people who are feeling stressed, unhappy, frustrated and anxious. They may be adults or children, but they are not coping well with life.

Together we can…

  • Lower your stress levels which will enable you to relax

  • Uncover what is keeping you in that stuck feeling

  • Find a way to reconnect with those you care about

  • Help your child build their resilience

My services will be for you if…

  • You feel stressed and unable to relax

  • You are feeling stuck

  • You feel frustrated and unable to change things

  • You or your children are having trouble with relationships

  • You or your children are withdrawn

  • Your child in angry and uncooperative most of the time

  • You are at your wits end


Sandplay will be for you if you are looking at processing and understanding what is going on.

Sandplay for Children & Families.

Sandplay for Individuals.

Reiki sessions.


Reiki will be for you if you are wanting to relax and restore balance and peace.