Sandplay for Children & Families

Is this for you?

This is for you and your family if you want drama free mornings and bedtimes

This is for your child if they need help building their resilience and dealing with what life throws at them

This is for you and your family if you want to live more peacefully and happily

Why would you need it?

Your child will find relief from their problems and regain a sense of control and safety so they (and you!) don’t start their day full of frustration

Your child will release painful feelings while gaining self-esteem and increased problem-solving abilities and feel able to handle their day better

What will it do for you?

Your family will reconnect and begin to move forward in life with a greater sense of happiness.

Your family’s bonds will strengthen.

Your family’s communication will improve.

“Family life will be more peaceful and happy”.

What will it do for your child?

Witness your child conquer niggling issues and watch them shine again.

Your child will learn to trust themselves and their family to help them manage the challenges in their life.

Your child will become more resilient.

What will happen?

Your child will spend one hour in each session, working with me in a caring, gentle and fun environment. Instead of having to talk about what is going on, your child will use miniature figures and their imagination to explore their inner world, share it and process what is going on for them. All the while, I stay nearby to help if and when needed.

We’ll explore the meanings of the symbols placed in the sand tray and they’ll gain self-awareness and insight which stimulates growth and healing. This is what brings about changes to the patterns often begun in childhood that end up directing our lives. Every session provides opportunity for positive changes to your child's perspective, self-esteem and behaviour.

As they play and use their imagination to process what is going on for them, they’ll also learn about risk, their likes, skills and their own strengths. This is what will help prepare them to handle things more easily in the future.

They will build their resilience and work towards developing into happy, well-adjusted adults, have emotional intelligence and feel successful in what they do.

And we can achieve all of this without the need for them to talk about their issues directly.

As a qualified Counsellor and a Master Practitioner in Sandplay Therapy together we can create a plan of action which will be most effective in dealing with the issues causing your child unhappiness.

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