Are you noticing that your child is withdrawn and uncooperative, and is this beginning to worry you?

Are you concerned that they seem angry or frustrated or like they don’t feel understood and can’t or won’t talk about it? Are the mornings a battle? Does the bedtime routine drag on leaving you exhausted? You just want the day to end. You can see that they are not coping with life’s day-to-day issues and they’re fighting with you and their siblings. You are hanging on by a thread, at your wits end and beginning to feel like you’ve failed them. 

It doesn’t have to be this way; it is possible for your child to be happy, resilient and connected with you (their family) and their friends and teachers.

You don’t have to succumb to “this is what kids are like today”. Instead, imagine drama free mornings and bed times and relief from the constant stress attached to your child’s’ unhappiness. Imagine your child being able to talk to you about what’s going on for them and them understanding that it’s ok to feel a range of emotions.

You are not alone, parenting is a hard job and nearly all parents grapple with the constant juggling act that life presents and what can you do if your child is unhappy? 

Kids find it really difficult to verbalise their feelings, so it often comes across as misbehaving. This is their way to ask for help now. We can make excuses like “we just need to get past this stage” or “once they’re a bit older……” But, the truth is, once they’re 4 years old they can learn. The trouble is we don’t know that they can and we keep giving excuses until they become dreadful teenagers. It’s not just your child, it’s all kids. It doesn’t matter if they’re 4 or 15. Every parent worries about their child in these times. That is because we know that they will need more skills than ever to navigate and have a happy and successful life.

You want your child to develop into happy, well-adjusted adults, have emotional intelligence and feel successful. 

To do this they need to learn how to sort out their feelings, work through their anger and frustration and especially build resilience so they can handle life’s ups and downs. This takes time and the best time to start is right now, when they are young. I can help them do that.

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